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BIO radio 2020/06/11

Raspberry Scientific blood test goes to BIO Digital

How goes BIO 2020 in digital mode for Raspberry Scientific Inc.?

Raspberry Scientific Inc. Chief Marketing Officer Vincent Blouin at BIOradio (20200611) for a interview during BIO2020.

« Doux Vinaigre »
(Sweet Vinegar)

Find out how our vinegars stand out and help support research and development of a new medical device.

CEO François-Olivier Mc Duff, CMO Vincent Blouin and CSO Heidi Larkin in a french interview with Karine Tremblay from La Tribune.

La Tribune 2020/02/26

NousTV 2020/01/24

Raspberry Scientific Inc. at the Technology Chronicle

How R&D in medical device and vinegar production fit together at Raspberry Scientific Inc.

CEO François-Olivier Mc Duff and CMO Vincent Blouin in a french interview at NousTV Magog (Cogeco).