Raspberry Scientific Inc.

Together we care!

How can you help ?

3 ways to participate in the development of our diagnostic tool.

1. Invest

Thank you for your interest in our company. We are always looking for new partners to support our activities. Should you be interested to learn more about our technology, contact us now.

2. Buy our vinegars

Vinaigrerie Artisanale Mc Duff is our Agri-food and Bioprocess division; the profits from our sales are immediately reinvested in Raspberry Scientific’s research and development activities. Proudly made in Canada, our 4 flavours (Original, Sweet, Honey and Maple) will surely please the foodie in you.

3. Donate now

Medical research is expensive and procedures to accept a new partner require a minimum investment of several thousands of dollars. Smaller investments are welcome through donations. Please bear in mind that we are not a non-profit organisation and are not allowed to emit tax receipts in exchange of your donation.